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Ever wondered why terrorism, civil war and political dissent as cultural movements and normality, have grown world wide over the last half century? Ever wondered why British culture has changed so that drugs, suicide, pedophilia, festivals and protests have grown into a cultural norms? Did you think change was just an inevitable process that had no influences, no consequence and no control? The government wont answer these questions, the media wont answer these questions, the universities hide their answers from their own book shelves and students, let alone the general public. This site and it's links will provide those answers and more.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The growth of Human Rights for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, but not the general public.

The growth of Human Rights for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, but not the general public, and understanding the reasons why this occurs, in order to change it's direction and ensure it is functional for those it was designed for.

This blog is not going to quote laws and regulations, it is just going to insure you are fully aware of how Western law is and always has been progressive and changes with the direction of the cultural influences and controls. Ensure that you are aware of how and why it progresses and changes in whatever way it does, because law along with all other aspects of Western civilization is progressive and fluid, polarized against Shira civilization which is static and unchanging. There are many that say those that reject the introduction of Shira into the Western world and law are trying to stop progression and change, in fact it is those that oppose it that are fighting to keep civilization fluid. It is the full understanding of this fluid movement of the growth of civilization, by the general public rather than just the authorities, that will give us some control and influence on the direction it takes.

Laws in the Western world may be made by governments, but how they develop, what direction they develop in and what shape they eventually take, is dependent on the same things as the as the rest of the growth of society and civilization: The direction the public are moving in as a cultural movement, the main area of interaction, the psychological state firmly established in earlier forms of social consciousness in both cultures, (whether that be differing cultures of town and country, class cultures, religious cultures or ethnic cultures), the cultural incentives and disincentives of economic and psychological rewards, and endorsement from the authorities.

Which sounds complicated, but not if I break it down.

Therefore in the case of the growth pattern of the Human Rights laws we have first; the direction the public are moving in as a cultural movement.The main direction of cultural movement for the last few decades has been accepting a flow of immigrants and asylum seekers from what we call the Eastern world into the Western world. Until recent years this cultural movement endorsed by the authorities has been flowing virtually unchecked,  with basically just a few groups or individual people daring to reject or speak up against it. In the last five years though a new cultural movement has started to form emerging from the people, in a direction that you could call the push-back.

With the help of leaders that are intelligent enough to know that it is the different culture, religion and law of the polarized culture that is vital and acceptable to be fought against, and determined enough to put themselves through anything to gain the publicity and public support required for the new cultural movement direction to work, thousands have started to take to the streets and internet in support. The English Defense League has been successful in turning a whole world of cultural movement.

Many other groups have started up or gained further recognition in the elation such as March for England, Casuals United, NWI and various Alliances but to name a few. Newspapers have started to print the truth about what is happening to Britain due to the influence of new cultures arriving on mass. Police and courts have started to take action to sort out the consequences, whereas previously they had swept them under the carpet. The government have started to talk about and take action, hovering between how much money and world influence they may make or lose, and public opinion. They have known for years the economic, psychologic and destructive cost on the Eastern world from their open door policy, but are just starting to admit it. Ensuring that the direction the public are moving in as a cultural movement, is at the moment pushing against each other.

Second; the main area of interaction. Now the main area of interaction for a new law means on one side you have those that are already embroiled in the process, turmoil, confusion and agitation of law, such as prisoners, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, because the general public are not going to go near law and a court unless they really have to, as they know it is a painful farce & complicated proceeding.

Then on the other side you have hundreds of lawyers, desperate for positions in an over crowded profession, flocking towards these groups that are seen as easy, needy customers. Pushing at Judges, stepping through the courts to get the results they want to ensure they can ensnare more customers.

Every little win gets enshrined into law, making it easier for the next win until we have criminal, even murderous illegal immigrants allowed permanent residency in a Western country because they have a cat, or 8 kids by different women. The judges and lawyers are powerful people, so to ensure they look less ridiculous for their decisions they ram home the Human Rights message, and say they can't send them somewhere that they might be tortured, and then they continue to torture us by making us live next door to them.

Third; the psychological state firmly established in earlier forms of social consciousness in both cultures.
To explain the psychological state of the Western world you have to go back over half a century and remember that we fought wars against racism, against singling out certain cultures, religions and ethnical groups for persecution. We joined together as allies for the rights of man, women, freedom and to be governed by our own leaders in our own separate countries. A cause worth fighting for at any cost.

In the decades that followed we embraced the fashions, trades, economics, developments and changes free mixing of the cultures produced. We forgot about fighting for the right to be governed by our own leaders in our own separate countries, or at least our governments did in their drive towards ultimate power and riches. The majority appear to have lost their intelligence to realize and understand, that by continuing with the free flowing mixing of the cultures in the direction it has been going in until recently, would ensure the fight for the rights of man, women and freedom will also be lost.

To explain the psychological state of the Eastern world that has arrived in the west is difficult, it varies so widely. All different cultures, countries of origin, intentions and expectations. Some had previously had a lot of interaction with the west and came ready to accept and step straight into western culture, some arrive expecting to change it, some arrive with little concept other then watching a few movies, some arrive so battered and torn from what they had to go through to get here, they are just surviving and progressing on whatever comes their way in any way they feel is acceptable. Some have worked hard to gain the money, skills and qualifications required for easy, comfortable immigration, some arrive with little more then a suitcase and high expectations, and some arrive either on a boat or in the back of truck.

However there are two things they have in common with each other; they struggle between the cultural flow towards abandoning their country and colonizing the west at any cost, and the concept of fighting for their land and the right to be governed by their own leaders in their own separate countries at any cost. And they know that the Western world has allowed them to come with open arms, changed their own culture to accommodate them, and that there is a whole network of people ready to assist them into communities of their own culture if they so wish, and even fight through the courts to ensure they can stay.

Forth; the cultural incentives and disincentives of economic and psychological rewards. The incentives and disincentives of economics is easy, we all see the results of the fashion swings, trade markets, the economic booms and recessions, the chaos of the Euro as banks struggle to control economical differences and cultural influences. We laugh at the European government for being so power hungry and stupid to think one currency could work blanketed across so many different countries, and cry for the people left desolate and protesting in the consequences. We all know that the price and access to oil is enough to fight wars over, and our manufacturing is farmed out to the cheapest bidder world wide. The psychological incentives and disincentives is what the government tries to hide from the public.

But aside from the economic factors is the cultural change factors, everyone is smart enough to understand that the incentives of the psychological rewards from interaction with the culture of the American Indians, is being influenced be a culture that wasn't run be class, and has respect for the land and animals with which we live along side. All within the community are respected for their skills and the wisest speaks for their benefit of all to other cultures. But we also know not having a central governing body or ruling class was their downfall, leaving them vulnerable to the European colonizers that had no education or concept that what they was doing was in any way wrong or decremental. It took years before the concept of a culture without class hierarchy being the only agenda crept into the minds of the new Americans, let alone spread across to Europe.

So if we can be intelligent enough to understand that, why are we not allowed to be intelligent enough to understand the psychological disincentives of interaction with Islamic culture? A move that means being influenced by a culture of totalitarian hierarchy, brainwashing, child and women abuse, barbaric law, suicide and many more undesirable disincentives. We were educated and encouraged to think for ourselves, but when we use those skills to realize what is creeping up on us, suddenly we are not allowed to question it. Surely if everyone was properly educated on the possible psychological results and changes of cultural mixing it would eradicate a lot of the problems, so why is even the study of it in Universities virtually banned?
The reason for this will go back to the economic factor, if you have a culture that is progressive towards the cultural influence of totalitarian hierarchy, those that hold the positions of power have the most to gain and the least to lose. This suppression of logical and intelligent thought and discussion, stops or at least slows down changes in the Human Rights laws that would be more beneficial to the general public and less beneficial to those it is centered around at the moment.

Leading into the fifth; endorsement from the authorities. I can't blog about how endorsement from the authorities influences a cultural movement, as the authorities may use that information against us. However I can say that for those of us that wish to ensure the Human Rights laws are there for the general public rather then just manipulated by certain sectors of it, ensure that immigration, illegal immigration and asylum is taken properly in hand and the cultural influences of it are discussed and explored fully with all, things are looking a lot better than they appear to be on the surface.

Can pushing the government to sort out the problems of Human Rights laws be the best way to get better results from it? After a 10 year £2 million battle, the government have finally have success this morning on deporting Abu Qatada. Is that a good enough result to celebrate? Can we expect any improvements after this?

I think not, I think we the public have to take things into our own hands to make the Human Rights laws work for us. I think protesting alone is not enough as it can't change the existing laws unless the European courts crash. I think we need to encourage everyone who has had a crime committed against them by either an illegal immigrant, or a failed or unprocessed asylum seeker, to sue the government or the Border Agencies  for allowing, and even forcing them to live in their community with that criminal, for breaching their Human Right to live in a safe community.

Because it is government that make and agree to new laws even if the progression of those laws is fluid & changeable, the government that controls the education system to ensure everyone accepts the status quo unquestionably, and the government that is ultimately responsible. It is the government that provide only an inadequate border control system, whilst encouraging the free flow of people. If court cases keep chipping away at the government and gaining public approval, there will come a time when Human Rights is actually there for the people and it will be safe to walk down our streets again.